Landscaping Mistakes Can Make Your Home Harder To Sell (but beautiful landscape can attract Buyers!)

Why in the world would a home seller hire an agent that does not educate them on what it takes to prepare their home for sale AND guide them through the process as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy?

Just because an agent is a relative, friend or acquaintance does not necessarily mean that they are the most qualified agent to help you achieve your goals of:

#1  Attracting Buyers

#2  Helping you, not only sell your house, but to sell it quickly and for the highest price possible!

It simply does not make any sense, and yet every day I drive by homes with agent “For Sale” signs in their front yards where the landscape is crying out for attention.  Think about it, when prospective buyers pull up in front of your house, what is the first thing they see?  Your landscape!  This is their first impression.  It can either be an extremely positive one or it can be a major “turn off”.

Lawn areas that are:

  • In desperate need of fertilizer;
  • Lack proper irrigation;
  • Have brown spots resulting from a lack of maintenance of the irrigation system;
  • Not mowed or edged;

Shrubs areas that are:

  • Overgrown, dying (or worse yet dead), or not properly trimmed;
  • Improperly planted and not attractively placed;
  • Old, boring, out-dated;

Trees that are:

  • Overgrown;
  • Not attractively trimmed, shaped and laced;
  • Blocking the view of your house;


  • Really?  Weeds?

Color plantings or lack of…

I could keep going but you get the picture!

Not only do I understand the importance of educating my sellers on the importance of preparing their home for sale, I stress that if I am going to help them sell their house, they need to allow me to do my job and that is to insist that the important details that will help them, not only sell their home, but to sell it quickly and for the highest possible price are addressed as part of an overall joint marketing plan.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that every agent “gets it”, because quite simply (and I hate to be so frank), most of the agents out there, DON’T.  If you are not convinced, start noticing the for sale signs you drive past every day, take a close look at the landscape.  I am willing to bet that 99% of them are severely lacking in curb appeal and are shouting out at you

  • Boring!
  • Help, I need attention!
  • What in the world is this agent thinking?!
  • Mow me! Fertilize me! Water me! Edge me! Trim me! Weed me!  Give me some color!  Help!

Not only am I a licensed real estate Broker, I am also a licensed landscape contractor (CSLB C-27 Landscape Contractor License No 896009).  This makes me uniquely qualified to offer suggestions on things you can do in preparing your landscape so that it enhances your ability to attract buyers and to Achieve the highest possible sale price for your home!

Let’s start the process of selling your home!  Call me and I will get back to you with a Comparative Market Analysis and detailed proposal for marketing your home!

I can also help you find your new home. The home that best suits your needs and lifestyle. Help me understand what you are looking for in your new home and I will begin the search!

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